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Kathy Yates

Kathy Yates

San Francisco Bay Area, CA - United States


Photography is my passion! It's not just about getting the shot, but it's the whole journey to the final image. The best part of my work is when a person tells me that an image of mine has touched them or taken them somewhere else.

I carried a 110 camera around with me for years until I got my first 35 mm SLR after college. A chance opportunity to model in Paris and years later a change in careers from teaching to modeling again has brought me here...

A View from the Other Side of the Lens--
As a professional model for over 25 years, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers in the business. From technical aspects of the camera, the use of natural light, to a full appreciation of the creative process, the knowledge I've gained from working with these professionals has been invaluable.

Global Perspective--
I was fortunate to live and work in some of the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris, Munich, London, Sydney, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco. Traveling the world has left lasting impressions on me, many of which I have captured through my images.

Natural Approach--
My approach to photography is natural; from my preference to shooting film, to my love of using natural light. I provide my clients with digital files, but the richness in color and contrast of film will always be compelling to me. All images are taken with my Nikon F3 cameras, and a variety
of Nikkor lenses. I shoot Velvia 50 film for landscapes and floral shots.

Whether I am shooting the delicate layers of a flower, an oak tree on a preserve, or a cafe in Paris, I find beauty in everything. My passion is to reveal it through the lens of my camera.

Thank you for looking at my work. I truly appreciate it!


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Wildflower View by Kathy Yates


Wildflower Trail by Kathy Yates


Russian Ridge View by Kathy Yates


Poppies on the Ridge by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Plain Wildflowers by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Gold by Kathy Yates


The Road to Carrizo Plain by Kathy Yates


Mountain Lupine by Kathy Yates


Space to Breathe by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Plain Fiddleneck by Kathy Yates


Soda Lake and Goldfields by Kathy Yates


Road to Carrizo Cow and Crow by Kathy Yates


Wheel and Wildflowers on Carrizo Plain by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Pond and Wildflowers by Kathy Yates


Good Morning Carrizo by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Plain Hay Rake by Kathy Yates


Wildflower Bloom on Carrizo Plain by Kathy Yates


Sunlit Lupine by Kathy Yates


The Colors of Carrizo by Kathy Yates


Poppies on the Carrizo Plain 2 by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Plain Poppies by Kathy Yates


Storm Over the Carrizo Plain by Kathy Yates


Oak and Wildflowers at Shell Creek by Kathy Yates


Carrizo Plain Daisies by Kathy Yates


Daisies and Fence by Kathy Yates


Painted by Nature 2 by Kathy Yates


Painted by Nature by Kathy Yates


Hillside of Daisies by Kathy Yates


Painted with Wildflowers by Kathy Yates


Pont Alexandre III and River Seine by Kathy Yates


Maison Catherine, Montmartre by Kathy Yates


Metro and Eiffel by Kathy Yates


Paris Flower Market Hydrangeas by Kathy Yates


Morning Reflection by Kathy Yates


Field of Gold by Kathy Yates


Delicate Orchid by Kathy Yates


Sensuous Succulent by Kathy Yates


Sea Oats and Dunes by Kathy Yates


Agave by Kathy Yates


Donner Lake Reflections by Kathy Yates


Mount Shasta Reflections on the Lake by Kathy Yates


Succulent by Kathy Yates


Sunburst Succulent by Kathy Yates


Fiddleneck and the Fence by Kathy Yates


Lupine and Fiddleneck by Kathy Yates


Spring Wildflower Meadow by Kathy Yates


Oak and Shooting Stars by Kathy Yates


Dreaming of Monet by Kathy Yates